5 Tips to House Train Your Puppy

Jackie Gibbons ● May 25, 2022

1. Three Places a Puppy Should Be

  • Inside your house under direct supervision
  • Inside a puppy proof area in the house unsupervised
  • Outside with supervision
    • When the puppy goes to the bathroom outside, treat and praise them

2. Take Them Outside

It is best to take a new puppy outside to the bathroom every 20-30 minutes when they are awake. When they do go to the bathroom give them some play time. If they do not go, bring them inside to their puppy proof area and try again in 15 minutes. Take them out after they wake up and after a play session.

3. When There is an Accident Inside

If you see them in the act (peeing or pooping), make a sharp sound (to get their attention) then bring them outside and treat when they go outside If you don’t see them in the act, clean up the accident, making sure you use an odor eliminator. Do not try to “punish” the dog; they don’t have the same concept of time as humans do. This will just encourage the dog to hide accidents from you

4. Stop Regression

It is completely natural for a puppy to regress. That’s ok. Try to figure out is there is a pattern, meaning is it the same place or same time. If it is the same place, limit access to that room and reintroduce the room slowly under supervision. If it is the same time, bring the puppy outside right before that time. Remember to reward them for going to the bathroom outside, using treats, praise, or play.

5. Reinforcement

Remember not to punish your puppy for their accidents but focus on their reward for going to the bathroom outside. It’s important for the puppy to see you as one who brings good things not punishment.