Training programs that help dogs live their best life.

New pet owners are often worried about their dog’s behavior, and it can be hard to find the right training program. Paws to Success works with dogs and their owners in a way that builds lifelong skills and allows their dog to live their best life.

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Develop lifelong skills

Your new puppy is a lifelong companion. It's important to instill behaviors that will serve them—and you—their entire life. Our training programs are designed to work well beyond the puppy phase.

Simple training process

Every puppy and situation is unique. Our training programs are tailored to meet your individual needs.

Here's how we do it:


Set Goals

My no-cost, no-obligation consultation will help you set realistic goals for you and your puppy. We will discuss several factors, such as lifestyle, behavior goals, and other details that will help determine the right training program for you.


Select a Program

Paws to Success has several programs ranging from puppy kindergarten to individual sessions and even socialization drop-offs. Once we've established your training goals, you can select the program that's right for you.


Start Training

Once you've selected the right program, simply register and let the lifelong training begin.

Let's Talk Training

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Wherever you may be in your puppy journey, we have a program that is perfect for you.


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